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Alma Lasers Soprano XL 810nm Diode NIR Facial & Body Laser Hair Removal Machine

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Soprano XL is a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair removal. It is the new gold standard for hair removal with a 810nm diode laser with power CW flash technology.


1 x Alma Lasers Soprano Beauty Laser Hair Removal Machine
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x Alma NIR Hair Removal Treatment Head – Click HERE for information
1 x Alma 810nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment Head
For nearly painless permanent hair removal and skin firming

Permanent hair removal with Soprano XL
It is the world’s first laser system for hair removal which is virtually painless with the SHR method. Exclusively available via BlooMEDical Benelux. The Soprano XL is one of the top products of Alma Lasers. It is a 810 nanometer diode laser, the gold standard for laser hair removal. The hair removal module has 2 working modes.

The Soprano 810 nanometer diode laser provides the following benefits:
Very powerful: up to 120 J / cm 2 per pulse
Suitable for all skin types: too dark skin types can be treated with the Soprano laser hair removal technique with the same result
Fewer treatments are needed
Suitable for tanned skin
Fast treatment time compared to other hair removal methods
Idling to 3 Hz and 10 Hz to SHR with a 12 X 10 mm prism
No disposables. (Handpiece has no maximum number of pulses)
Permanent hair reduction for almost all its colors

Stationary, can be varied in skin type (I to V), and operates with an energy up to 120 J / cm2. The pulse duration is preprogrammed. The system is extremely powerful, has excellent contact cooling and recovering quickly after a pulse for a new pulse of up to 3 Hz per second. Treatment of 3.6 cm 2 per second is attainable. In this position next to the contact cooling is an air cooler recommended for patient comfort.

SHR, is the 2nd position. This module is the energy (joules) very low, and the pulses per second to 10 Hz (flashes) very high. It is a very safe position. The patient comfort is high, the treatment is virtually painless. With SHR to treat darker skin types well, the low joule value even in summer treatments possible, which yield benefits to the device.

The IN MotionT technique
The IN MotionT technique heats the subdermal hair follicles gradually so that they are destroyed. Because the laser is in constant motion, a wide area can be treated so that the sessions expire comfortable.

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