Eva Complete Digital X-Ray Sensors


Easy-to-use, state-of-the-art digital imaging eliminates the inconvenience of film processing and the 3 to 6 minute wait for a single X-Ray. Patient archiving is fast and simple for patient data base archives. EVA interfaces with Dent-X ProImage or other image and practice management software suites. The operational simplicity of digital radiography consolidates workflow as it builds productivity.


Eva Complete Digital X-Ray Sensors

Eva Complete Digital X-Ray Sensors

Sensor sizes available: 1 and 2.

* Durable CMOS technology provides superior images using only a fraction of the power required by other digital sensor technologies
* Impact resistant housings are designed to minimize damage from a biting patient
* Sensor size #1 and #2 are similar to traditional films
* Hot swapping sensors between multiple computers offers greater speed, convenience and value
* Service multiple operatories with one sensor using the EVA docking station
* Small, inexpensive docking stations fit in the palm of your hand and make expansion easy

  (Size #2)
* Active Area: 25.83 mm x 36.03 mm
* Capsule Dimensions: 30.82 mm x 44.12 mm x 4.75 mm
* Image size (unpacked): 2.1 MB

  (Size #1) System Part Number – 9992410100
* Active Area: 20 mm x 30 mm
* Capsule Dimensions: 25.64 x 38.44 mm x 4.75 mm
* Image size (unpacked): 1.3 MB

* Sensor Type: Active Column CMOS
* Pixel size: 30 microns square
* Gray Shades: 4096 (12 bits)
* Optical Imager Resolution: 16 lp/mm
* Sensor Cable Length: 2 m (~ 6 ft)
* Power Supply: USB Bus powered device; No external Power Supply Required
* Interface: USB

Comes with:
* EVA Sensor Size 1 or 2
* Docking Station
* USB Cable
* Box of Sheaths
* Rinn Positioning Aids
* Drivers CD
* EVA ProIntegrate Software and installation instructions

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