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LPG Cellu m6 Endermolab

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LPG Cellu M6® Endermolab-2 is device for the most demanded Endermologie® face and body treatments (Lipomassage, Endermolift) with integrated massage table. Featuring treatment heads (Ergodrive for body and Ergolift for face), new sets of pre-loaded protocols for a greater care customization and a unique integrated virtual coach providing step by step guidance during the treatment for a maximized efficacy and total comfort.


LPG Cellu m6 Endermolab

Esthetic Innovation

New Ergolift treatment head (Motorized Pulsating Flaps – MPF – LPG patent). Two-dimensional MECANO-STIMULATION: vertical (sequential suction) to stimulate the skin at different depths; and horizontal (flap pulsations) to control the signal sent to targeted cells (release fat, drain, fill, redensify, firm up, oxygenate…).

* Compared to LPG’s previous LIFT technology.

Ergodrive treatment head +50% tissular grab

— Unprecedented depth of tissular grabbing for greater effectiveness;
— Independent motorized rollers (LPG patents) for high-precision treatment;
— Control screen, integrated commands and rotating head for greater usability;
— 4 rotations of rollers for personalized results (Slim down, Firm, Resculpt, Smooth).

Integrated Coach & Protocols

The integration of protocols into the Cellu M6® Endermolab is LPG’s high-tech trademark. It allows the practitioner to go through the protocols step by step, ensuring a quick start and making the treatment less operator-dependent. At the same time, new customers are reassured as they can follow along during Lipomassage, Endermolift or Endermotherapie sessions.

LPG Cellu m6 Endermolab Therapeutic Heads

— Therapeutic treatment head TR50 with independent motorized rollers specially designed for Therapeutic applications fibrosis, oedema, inflammation, pre- and post-liposuction;
— TR30 and T15 for delicate areas;
— Micro-nozzles and micro-heads for a therapeutic micro-targeted action (fingers for example).

LPG Systems
LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab 2
beauty machine
Body and face device
new Endermolift(Ergolift)
latest world patent for the face
tested by training trainer (beauty and therapy)
completely refurbished and revised
Fresh maintenance carried out
Last Edition (Black and White)
New hose
New rolling head KM80
New rolling head KM50
New Ergodrive Head
New price: 41980 Euro net
suitable for endermologiebody and endermologieface
Lipomassage and Endermolift technique can be performed
as new and immediately available in BRD
opt. 2 day training on site with final exam and MIK certificate
opt. Delivery and commissioning according to LPG manual specifications
opt.starter package (Bodywear,Filter,Claps,Flyer)
A high-quality device in the UpperClass of the Medical Beauty League!
No scrap metal like ultrasound or radio frequency from China-
Ergodrive, Ergolift,
12 months warranty from date of purchase only valid with a
2 day training in connection with final examination

Start your endermology season now. A 100% natural mechanostimulation ensures a painless but intensive treatment, a treatment with a high addiction factor. Customers come with the goal of strengthening and firming connective tissue, reducing cellulite, and tightening the stomach of men. My customers usually lose 2 sizes of clothes and promotes the metabolism. Drooping eyelids and double chin can be positively influenced with the Endermolift. This procedure is patented and has been


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