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Lutronic Clarity II

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Advanced ergonomic handpiece with multi-spot, quick-zoom cartridges, and large touch screen GUI.

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Lutronic Clarity II


Lutronic’s Clarity II is a high-powered, dual-wavelength platform that effectively delivers a wider range of parameters to help safely and efficiently treat the broadest indications with ease. The innovative design includes: a single fiber for all spot sizes(2-25mm), intuitive interface, and no need for calibration after any parameter change. Clarity II can save time and help facilitate faster, more effective treatments.
Higher power 755/1064nm platform for effective treatments up to 45%* faster.
Brilliantly removes hair, pigment, and vascular lesions in all skin types.
IntelliTrak™ technology and Temperature Sensing enable increased provider confidence and treatment efficacy.

Clarity II
Key Feature
1. Powerful and faster
Provide up to 25mm spot size at a useable >2 Hz
High power performance
Up to 45% faster
2. Intelligent and convenient

IntelliTraking system to prevent skip area and consistent treatment
Real time skin temperature monitoring system
3. Designed for versatility

Intelligent memory function to keep track of past treatment history in detail
Zoom cartridge system for treatment area

Lutronic Clarity II

How It Works
The CLARITY II Laser System contains two separate laser resonators, Alexandrite and an Nd:YAG, which generate pulse laser energy at the nominal wavelength of 755nm and 1064nm respectively. The output of each laser generator and the 515nm aiming beam are optically combined on the laser rail so that their beam paths are identical as they exit the laser system. This allows the use of a single delivery system for either the 755nm or 1064nm wavelength.

Clarity II™
with IntelliTrak™ technology

Higher-powered 755/1064nm platform laser
Up to 2X faster Laser Hair Removal Txs*
Exclusive shorter pulsewidths available including 1ms setting
for finer facial hairs
Breakthrough intelligent capabilities
IntelliTrak™ technology for faster more consistent Tx coverage
Temperature Sensing for real-time skin temp feedback
during Tx
Auto-calibration in seconds saves time and
improves productivity
Advanced, easy-to-use platform
Single fiber for all 2-24mm spot cartridges
Numerous skin rejuvenation capabilities including vascular,
pigment, and toning Txs
*At settings of: 755nm, 5ms, 12J/cm2: Clarity II at 22mm, 3Hz, IntelliTrak at 18% overlap vs.
older system at 18mm, 2Hz, and est. ~18% manual overlap. Geometric treatment coverage speed is
11.4cm/second with Clarity II vs. 5.1cm/second with older system.



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