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Millennium Dental PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse Nd:YAG

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PerioLase MVP-7 Hard/Soft Tissue Dental Laser is the only laser designed especially for the LANAP protocol (also referred to as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, Laser Excisional New Attachment Procedure Laser ENAP LPT, or LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY).


Millennium Dental PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse Nd:YAG

Millennium Dental PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse Nd:YAG

Millennium Dental Technologies’ PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse Nd:YAG laser is specifically designed for the LANAP protocol, an evidence-based, patient-preferred laser perio­dontitis treatment, and the LAPIP protocol, which saves ailing/failing im­plants while maintaining gingival esthetics.

“The PerioLase MVP-7 allows the clinician to provide the LANAP protocol for periodontitis; the most patient friendly, effective, and now scientifically verified alternative to osseous periodontal surgery,” said Eric Johnson, DDS, of Torrance, Calif. “I have used the PerioLase MVP-7 for 7.5 years, and have been delighted with patient acceptance, durability of the product, and results produced by the laser.”

The PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse™ Nd:YAG laser is specifically designed for the LANAP® protocol. The PerioLase MVP-7 is a powerful 6 watt FR (Free Running) Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser with the unique features necessary to perform the LANAP® Protocol and all other soft tissue procedures.

The PerioLase MVP-7 is the latest generation of dentistry’s first pulsed Nd:YAG laser and the world’s most widely used dental laser platform. It’s the first laser in dentistry to incorporate DIGITAL technology for enhanced performance and reliability

Benefits of PerioLase

  • Reduction in bleeding gums, bacteria, pain and bad breath
  • Teeth and smile are maintained
  • No stitches are needed
  • Minimal pain.
  • Minimal downtime after treatment
  • Minimal recession after treatment
  • Dimensions27.9 x 41.9 x 62.2 cm
    (11 x 16.5 x 24.5 inches)
  • Weight19.6 kg (43 pounds)
  • Power6 watts
  • Physical Media SourceNd:YAG
  • Dental ApplicationsSoft And Hard Tissue Applications
  • Pulse Energy20 – 300 mJ
  • Laser ClassificationClass 4 Laser
  • Operating Voltage110 – 120 volts
    200 – 240 volts (Single Phase)
  • Available Tips and SizesFlexible Fiber Optic Delivery System
    360 µ
    400 µ
    600 µ
  • Tip Sterilization MethodAutoclave
  • Handpiece Type / SwivelAnodized Aluminum TrueFlex Three Part Hand Piece
  • Control PanelTouchscreen
  • Foot OperationYes
  • PortableYes
  • Wavelength1,064 nm
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