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Skin First Maxi Plus MPL IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine c/w Radio Frequency” is in sale since Tuesday



Skin First Maxi Plus MPL IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

Skinfirst Maxi Plus MPL / IPL Machine c/w Radio Frequency Option. Professional MPL Laser Hair Removal Machine (Multi Pulse Light). Includes: Skin First Maxi Plus c/w Radio Frequency Machine. Folder Of Manuals, Instructions, Guides etc.. Power Box Transformer – AIM 10/5. HKBD13090002RF RW-V WX HKBD13081192 MF+E M Counter: 8328 SH101314. HKBD13080305 MF+E M Counter: 2670 LH101312. Bottle of Gel – Used.
Funnel & Tube For Water Fill. Box Of Lenses: HK13080056 560 – 1200 NM. HK13092002 530 – 1200 NM.

HK13100004 585 – 1200 NM. HK13100007 430 – 1200 NM.
HK13100026 610 – 1200 NM. Active Acne Skin Rejuvenation for Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Large Pores. Pigmentation: Sun Spots, Age Spots & Freckles. Blood Capillaries: Thread Veins, Spider Veins, Rosacea. HAIR REMOVAL – SkinFirst offer the most advanced technology available for this purpose.

It is a technology more comfortable and safer than single beam laser; and more effective and suitable for a broader spectrum of individuals than traditional IPL. SkinFirst registered the term MPL® (Multi Pulsed Light) in 2008, and combine this with radio frequency, to enable us to treat the widest range of skin types without discomfort and with excellent long term results.
DUAL RADIO FREQUENCY TREATMENTS FOR COLLAGEN STIMULATION, LINES/WRINKLES, SLACK SKIN & CELLULITE. Dual Radio Frequency is the most popular emerging treatment on the market for skin lifting, tightening and smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles. Here at SkinFirst we have been using this technology for over seven years and the results have been astounding. Unlike other treatments radio frequency works on the natural collagen within the skin to educate and remodel to give a more youthful appearance.

Results can last up to 2 years. Machine Can Be Tested Prior To Purchasing If You Wish.

Brand: Skin First Maxi Plus MPL IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

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