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Item Includes: Includes scanner, dock, power cord, calibration tip, 4 tips, usb drive with software.

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3Shape Trios Dental Acquisition Cad/Cam Scanner

Patient comfort:
Fast, easy to use, and creates documented-accurate digital color impressions.

Capable of measuring shades of teeth and adding HD photos to the 3D model.


Available with pen grip or ­handle.

3Shape Trios Dental Acquisition Cad/Cam Scanner


Open STL data format.

Freedom of wireless scanning:
No annoying wires. Easy battery exchange for a continuous scan experience. Three long-lasting, rechargeable batteries included. Wide variety of indications, restorative options and materials.

5 reasons to take impressions digitally:

Improve patient experience and patient comfort
Save time and see more patients
Save costs on impression materials and shipping
Get digital accuracy and omit manual errors
Enjoy easy impression taking and eliminate retakes

Go Beyond ANALOG
With 3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic and
Make digital impressions using superior scanning technology
Get access to an unrivalled open ecosystem
With 3Shape TRIOS® 3 and apps you can
Excite patients for faster case acceptance
Offer same-day treatments
With the revolutionary 3Shape TRIOS® 4 enabling
Caries diagnostic aid* and monitoring tools
Preventative care possibilities
Digitize at your own pace

3Shape Trios Dental Acquisition Cad/Cam Scanner
Whether you’re new to digital dentistry and looking for a solution to get started, or a fully-digital dentist thinking about your next step, 3Shape TRIOS® equips you for success by letting you do more.
The award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanners include powerful features such as wireless functionality, a flexible MOVE setup to engage patients, and an unrivalled open ecosystem. Add best-in-class patient excitement apps and groundbreaking preventative care possibilities. Let us guide you through our portfolio of intraoral scanning solutions.
Proven accuracy

3Shape Trios Dental Acquisition Cad/Cam Scanner
18 independent studies report statistically higher accuracy for TRIOS compared with conventional impressions and/or impressions made with other major intraoral scanners for full arch, single unit and multi-unit restorations. (1)
Realistic colors
Create high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colors and activate quality dialogue with patients. Apply shade measurement to save time and create high quality restorations.Dynamic occlusion
To perfect your restorations, TRIOS Patient Specific Motion lets you record the patient’s own movements highlighting the static and dynamic contact points.

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