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J Morita Actus 101 Dental Treatment Unit (With chair) Original price was: $15,500.00.Current price is: $9,800.00.

Castellini Skema 5 Dental Chair Package

Original price was: $13,300.00.Current price is: $8,800.00.

With it’s practical design which ensures that instruments are ready for immediate use, this dental unit is simple yet complete and very flexible.


Castellini Skema 5 Dental Chair Package

Castellini Skema 5 Dental Chair Package

It is equipped with an advanced range of highly developed instruments which cover any type of treatment requirements – characteristics which are indispensable in order to work with maximum tranquillity and safety.

The merits of the design include the fact that it is totally comfortable to use. The patient chair has been designed to provide the best possible anatomical comfort to the patient thanks to the pneumatic headrest which pivots on 3 axes and is available as an optional feature.

The foot control unit, available in several variations, has been conceived so as to simplify use still further. Skema 5 is also provided with extremely lightweight, compact brushless micromotors and a large user friendly LCD display

– Orbital headrest (pneumatic release)
– Brushless micromotor
– LCD Control panel
– Extensive range of foot control units

Castelli’s dental chairs with improved ergonomics pay the most attention to the medical staff working around the dental unit. Each element has an elegant narrow design with a compact work unit. This enables a larger working area in the dental office, improved functional performance of all elements, better workflow and ergonomic solutions specially designed for dental assistants.


  • Whip above
  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Venus LED spotlight
  • Complete disinfection of the chair daily and weekly
  • Metasys MST1 98% amalgam separator
  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Multi-functional headrest
  • Premium upholstery

Unit for the dentist:

· Touch screen keyboard

· Position 1 : Wasteland

· Position 2: Micro motor

· Position 3: Micro motor

· Position 4: Turbine whip

· Position 5: Scaler LED + attachments

· EMS Piezon LED scaler

· LAEC Apex locator

· Additional tray – large

· Pneumatic brake for pantogram arm

Assistant unit:

· Puster (Sprayvit)

· Small and large vacuum cleaner

· Storage table

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