Clinical PRO Doublo Gold HIFU system


Also known as Ultherapy or Ultraforma, Doublo Gold skin tightening is a revolutionary treatment of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

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Clinical PRO Doublo Gold HIFU system

PN: DOUBLO-GOLD or doublo-G
SN: HDG0117039
Manufactured: 2017
Condition: Good working condition, no defects or cosmetic damage, no known software issues


PN: cyro 6
SN: 730469
Condition: Good, minimal cosmetic damage, no known issues


PN: DBG_Handpiece
SN: HGD0217039
Condition: Good, minimal cosmetic damage, no known issues


Accessories: Power cord for cart
Clear plastic tray insert
Large washer and small lock/spring washer
2x black attachements
2x treatment parameters guide
Simple user manual
Full user manual + CD

Clinical PRO Doublo Gold HIFU system Study Paper 1

It is often understood that HIFU may cause negative effects when used around the eye, but this study proved that HIFU can be one of the most effective for facial lifting including areas around the eye (94% improvement rate) and this proves that HIFU can be used in wider range with its safeness.

Study Paper 2

It is proven that HIFU can be used as a noninvasive skin tightening treatment since it safely generates collagen between the lower dermis and the fat layer without any side-effects.

1st HIFU to install the functions for Face lifting & Body contouring in the device

Precise treatment for Body line contouring

– Depth : 13mm
– Frequency : 4MHz

Selective application as per skin depth and the frequency

Cartridge combination for face lifting

Depth : 1.5mm, 3mm, and 4.5mm
Frequency : 4MHz & 7MHz

3,500+of Cumulative device sales
More than 3,500 devices have been installed around the world from 2011,
Proving HIFU system with the efficacy and the safety

New Standard of
HIFU System
1.No. 1 HIFU proven by the patents

2.HIFU proven by cumulative sales and clinical cases

3.Fastest treatment by Two-way round shooting and Auto Shot mode


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