Huvitz HRK-8000A Auto Refractor Keratometer


The image can then be displayed on a monitor, helping you to educate your patients The HRK can provide peripheral keratometry measurement data which is very useful when fitting contact lenses. The eye can be displayed in full colour mode on a tilting touch screen which enables you to see the patient’s contact lens fitting status, previously only possible using a slit lamp. As the HRK has the world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto keratometer, you can now see the flourescein liquid with blue illumination along with automatic calculation and recommendation for contact lens fitting.


Huvitz HRK-8000A Auto Refractor Keratometer

Huvitz HRK-8000A Auto Refractor Keratometer

  • Touch and tilting 7″ LCD Screen that allows for free and smooth tilting for viewing at any angle.
  • Optimized Optical System
  • Micro Lens Array
  • Aberration Measurement which also can be displayed in a graphical Zernike Refraction Map
  • PSF & Image Simulation
  • Colour View Mode
  • Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
  • Ultra High Precision KER Data
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
  • Contact Lens Prescription Guide
  • Auto Tracking
  • Animated Guide
  • Faster Measurement Speed
  • Quiet and speedy auto cutting printer
  • More data on aberration measurement


With its extreme precision and accuracy, the HRK8000A uses the most advanced wavefront technology to measure the light reflected from the retina and helps you to diagnose any refractive error. With a micro lens array developed by Huvitz, the HRK creates a number of focal points, the pattern of which can give a valuable insight into the patients ocular system. The HRK not only displays the conventional data such as spherical, cylinder and axis, the high order aberration data is displayed in a graphical Zernike refractive map, giving you a deeper understanding of your patient’s eyes.


Optimized Optical System 
A wavefront is a physical representation of the optical quality of a light beam. Using various methods, aberrometers map how light rays travel through the eye. The HR-8000A is engineered according to the Hartmann-Shack wavefront measurement technique, which is widely preferred for its speed and repeatability.


Touch & Tilting Color Display Screen 
A bright, high contrast 7″ VGA color TFT LCD screen provides high resolution video images. A smooth, free tilting function also offers you a comfortable and clear view at any angle.

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