Lumenis Opus Duo Surgical Dental YAG Erbium Laser CO2


Lumenis Opus Duo Dental YAG Erbium & CO2 Laser Treatment Center


This is a dental laser, model OpusDuo EC, made by OpusDent USA of Norwood, MA, a Lumenis company. It has two lasers in one, an Er:YAG (2.94 micron wavelength) laser for hard tissue that delivers energies up to 1 joule per pulse and power up to 12 watts; and a CO2 (10.6 micron wavelength) laser for soft tissue that delivers energies up to 1 joule per pulse and power up to 10 watts. I tested the unit, and the erbium laser works very well, punching holes in a sheet of paper like a machine gun. The CO2 laser gives an error message that the “laser energy control failed”, which according to the manual is indicative of possible damage to the calibration table. It would require service, or you could use it as a dedicated hard tissue unit. PLEASE NOTE: This unit operates on 220 volts AC.

Included with the laser are the following handpieces and accessories:
One each fiber assembly for Er:YAG and CO2 lasers
Set of six handpieces and three cartridges for soft tissue, including focusing, non-focusing, perioprobe, and microprobe handpieces
Set of four handpieces for hard tissue
External tip power calibration unit
Variety of sapphire tips for Er:YAG
Protective goggles
User’s manual
Case studies in both hard and soft tissue laser dentistry

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