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Schick CDR Elite Sensor Kit Size 2


Elite in Image Quality
CDR Elite images provide bold bone tribeculation, crisp lamina dura and a clear, clean DEJ to meet the diagnostic needs of every clinician.
Developed with guidance from a panel of leading dental radiologists and validated by an extensive range of dental practitioners from all fields, CDR Elite takes Schick’s commitment to optimum quality for diagnostic imaging to a new level.


Schick CDR Elite Sensor Kit Size 2

Schick CDR Elite Sensor Kit Size 2

Elite in Design
Based on input from Schick’s customer base – digital intraoral radiography’s largest – CDR Elite is designed to focus on ease of use, diagnostic image quality and durability. It provides an intraoral radiography solution for all clinicians that is truly Elite.
Embracing the success of Schick’s unique removable cable technology (introduced with the CDR PlusWire), CDR Elite incorporates this technology on all three sensor sizes, ensuring that every clinician and every dental practice can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a l-step cable-replacement process.
Simple and easier sensor placement, even for vertical bitewings, comes from an optimally located sensor-cable interface and a new color scheme that provides high visibility in the oral cavity.
CDR Elite’s Smart Remote System has been developed to allow simple, accurate, in-office diagnosis to ensure peek performance of the entire system.

Seamless Integration
Ideal complement to your existing Schick intra-oral and extraoral equipment, and integrates with Schick’s holder system for simple and easy positioning.
Integrates fully with Schick’s intuitive and easy-to-use CDR DICOM imaging software, which features multiple tools for enhanced diagnostic capabilities and patient communication.

Product     CDR Elite Sensor
Size     2
Cable style     Field Replaceable
Sensor interface     High performance low force gold-plated contact system
Remote interface     High speed USB 2.0
Sensor life     Greater than 400,000 doses

Package Inclusion
Schick CDR Elite Sensor Kit – Size 2:

CDR Elite Sensor Size 2
CDR Elite USB Remote HS (with clip holder mounting)
CDR DICOM 3.5 Software Multi-user
USB Remote HS Cable 5M with ferrite
Schick Universal Sensor Holster (blue)
Peel’N’Stick Sensor Positioning Starter Kit:

Centre Aiming Ring
Posterior Aiming Ring
Anterior Arm
Bitewing Arm
Posterior Arm
Schick Wired Sensor Sheaths Size 1 (300 pieces)
Universal Bite Tab Holder (15 pieces)
Universal Bitewing Holder (15 pieces)
Universal Endodontic Holder (15 pieces)
Universal Anterior Holder (15 pieces)
Universal Periapical Holder (15pieces)

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