Tomey RC-800 Auto Refractor Keratometer


The Auto “Refkeratometer” RC-800 is the latest in economical, user-friendly, highly accurate auto “refkeratometry”. The RC-800 provides simple, easy measurement by the operator at an economical cost, without compromising accuracy or reliability.


Tomey RC-800 Auto Refractor Keratometer

Tomey RC-800 Auto Refractor Keratometer

Refractometry: Simple handling of the fine adjustment and measurement by yourself. Fogging is applied automatically for each measurement for more accurate results.

Keratometry: Short consecutive measurements and time provide reliable data. Measurements at φ3.0mm (R = 8.0mm) give you enough information for contact lens fitting.

Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil: Easy measurement by moving the two cursors on the display to the boundaries of Cornea or Pupil.

Language Selection: RC-800 has a Multi-language function. You can select your required language from “English”, “Japanese”, “German”, “Chinese”, “Spanish”, “Spanish Latin America”, “Italian”, “Portuguese”, “French” and “Russian”.


• Highly Accurate
• Simple to Use
• Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil
• High Speed Printer
• Auto Shot
• Color Touch Screen
USB connection
• Large Patient Database
• Easy Database Operation
• Multi-Language Operation
• Fourier Refractive Analysis
• Quick Data Reference
• Built-in LCD Alignment
• Keratoconus Screening & Other Applications

Measurement Ranges:


• Sphere: -25.00D to 22.00D (VD=12.0mm)
• Cylinder: 0D to ±10.00D (VD=12.0mm)
• Axis: 0° to 180°
• Minimum Pupil Dia: Ø2.0mm
• Measurement time: 0.2 second/single eye (data taking time)


• Range: 5.00mm to 11.00mm
• Corneal Refraction: 30.68D to 67.50D (n=1.3375)
• Corneal Astigmatism: 0D to 10D (n=1.3375)
• Axis: 0° to 180°
• Measurement area: Ø3mm (at 8.00mm corneal curvature)
• Measurement time: 0.1 second/single eye (data taking time)

Other features:

• PD Measurement range 50 to 86mm
• Corneal diameter measurement
• Measurement range: 10.0 to 14.0mm
• Display unit: 0.1mm
• Pupil diameter measurement
• Measurement range: 1.0 to 10.0 mm
• Display unit: 0.1mm
• Built-in Printer Thermal printer
• Data output type RS232C / USB-D
• Display 5.7 inch color liquid crystal display
• Dimensions and weight 297(W)x 500(D) x 448(H)mm
• Approx. 17kg
• Power Requirements AC 100V to 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, 80VA to 100VA

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