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Dexis Intraoral Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor


The DEXIS Digital X-ray System includes a highend CCD sensor, portable PC card and DEXusb connection options, DEXIS imaging software, a complete set of sensor holders and accessories, on-site training, a printed instruction manual, training tutorials on CD, a quick reference guide for the operatory, and 1 year of DEXcare support.


Dexis Intraoral Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor

Dexis Intraoral Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor

Software Ease of Use
According to the manufacturer, the DEXIS x-ray software was designed to be highly effective throughout diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment. It is intended to serve as an imaging hub, managing all digital images, including intra- and extraoral radiographs and photographs. The manufacturer states that the images can be quickly organized, stored, retrieved, printed, and shared with patients and colleagues. The 9 dentists who participated in this product evaluation were asked to rate the DEXIS Digital Imaging software on its ease of use with regard to taking and accessing radiographs and for diagnosis, patient education, and communication with colleagues and insurance companies. Six of the evaluators rated the system as excellent and 3 rated it as very good. One evaluator commented that “when communicating with patients, we use DEXIS images displayed on a monitor in front of the patient every day on virtually every patient.”


Software Integration
The manufacturer claims that the DEXIS imaging software can be easily integrated with all major practice management systems. According to DEXIS, the DEXIS Integrator automatically synchronizes with the patient record.
When the evaluators were asked to rate the software integration with practice management software and interface with hardware (eg, cameras, panoramics, and scanners), 78% rated it as excellent to very good, while 22% rated it as good. One of the evaluators said, “The bridge to our practice management systems is seamless. We use [the] DEXIS digital pan[oramic] so that we can store panoramic x-rays easily in the same location as full series. We use an intraoral camera to store preoperative and interoperative photographs for excellent documentation.”


Sensor Comfort and Ease of Use
According to DEXIS, the heart of their digital system is the PerfectSize sensor. The manufacturer states that their single-size sensor has 3 advantages:
1) because the electronics are on the back of the sensor, the active imaging area is most of the total sensor size;
2) the beveled corners, slim profile, and rounded casing allow for accurate placement and patient comfort;
3) patented cord placement allows the practitioner to take vertical and horizontal bitewings and all periapicals with only 1 universally sized sensor. The evaluators were asked to rate both the ease of use of the sensor and patient comfort. Five evaluators rated ease of use excellent and 4 rated it very good. With regard to patient comfort, 3 evaluators rated the sensor excellent and 6 rated it very good. One evaluator noted that he experienced a few issues when placing the sensor in some children and patients with very small mouths. Another evaluator, however, is very happy with the sensor, saying, “I chose DEXIS to take a full radiographic series on every patient. It was the only direct image system we tested that met that objective.”

Image Quality
According to DEXIS, their digital xray system provides detailed image quality and includes image enhancement tools that increase diagnostic capabilities. When the 9 evaluators were asked to rate the system’s image quality and enhancement aids, 89% rated them as excellent to very good. One of the evaluators commented that the system’s “ClearVu and image magnification allow us to diagnose very effectively.”


Overall Satisfaction
When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the DEXIS Digital X-ray System, 89% of the evaluators rated it as excellent to very good. Commented one evaluator, “DEXIS has been very responsive to our needs.”

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