Essilor Ultimate Edition Gamma Edging System


Reliable, but just as simple and quick, these are features that hoisted Essilor Gamma to the rank of the most reliable digital systems. Proud of its success, Essilor Gamma isnow presented to you from a different aspect, that of comfort and user-friendliness. Thanks to its new color screen, the technology used by Essilor Gamma will seem even more accessible to you.


Essilor Ultimate Edition Gamma Edging System

Essilor Ultimate Edition Gamma – The UE Gamma boasts functions such as grooving, lens polishing, chamfering and shape modification. It can be used as a stand alone machine or networked to allow for very fast production line glazing. Its accuracy, speed, and ease of use make this the perfect solution for many peoples glazing requirements.

Main Features:

  • Ultra High precision frame tracing
  • Integrated lens grooving
  • Integrated Lens chamfering
  • Cuts down to 14.5mm depth
  • Colour viewing screens
  • Memory capacity 200 shapes
  • Stand alone or network
  • Cuts all lens materials


    Tracing chamber

    The positioning of the frame requires no setting or eye-rim clamping and intersection of the tracing roller is totally automatic.

    Centering screen

    Video integrated into a 2-track optical system eliminates parallax during centering. For each type of lens-single vision, bifocal, progressive and executive-a centering cross ensures maximum decentration comfort.

    Edging chamber

    Simultaneous tracing of the front and back surfaces of the lens makes it possible to obtain data on the thickness and chamber of the lens which are crucial factors in the calculation of the bevel position.

    Display of the finished lens before edging

    The 3-dimensional display of the finished lens gives you total control of its finish before edging. This screen is all the more useful since the “customized” bevel offers you the possibility of adjusting its position to meet the requirements of the most delicate mounts

    Essilor Ultimate Edition Gamma

    Auto-maintenance screen

    With this menu, you can rapidly make adjustments and carry out checks, obtain statistics or even customize the display of the icons.

    Essilor Ultimate Edition Gamma Edging System

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