Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD Patternless Edger


3 Functions:
-Grooving & Chamfering
-Fully Automated Lens Blocking


Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD Patternless Edger

Essilor Gerber Coburn complete Automatic Lens Edger with all accessories: tank, water pump, hose, cables and instruction manual

The Kappa features the latest technology in frame tracing. NEW, 4-D tracing software provides the most precise frame tracing and lens mapping. The unique 4-D capability includes an exclusive frame groove measurement. The enhanced software makes for easy lens processing, including finishing of executive and small frame lenses. New, patented soft pin beveling accommodates all lens sizes including small diameter lenses down to 24 millimeters. Automatic probing of the eye wire groove profile ensures highly accurate sizes, decreases breakage and increases quality.

Tracing, blocking and edging functions are fully-integrated. Digital trace data is electronically transmitted from station to station as the lens is processed, reducing errors. As production demand grows, up to five Kappa or Gamma Edgers can be connected to a Kappa Tracer/Blocker, increasing efficiency.

The Kappa automatically positions the stylus in the frame and traces both eyes in less than 20 seconds, at the same time determining the frame DBL. After tracing, the lens is placed in the blocker. A video camera captures and displays an image of the lens, without parallax, along with the frame shape. The operator aligns the lens and checks cutout. Block application is motorized and fully automatic.

The Kappa has six automatic and controlled bevel options, as well as lens grooving. In the Kappa Edger, probes map the contours of both surfaces to determine lens curve, edge thickness and to calculate ideal bevel or groove placement. Upon completion of lens mapping, a 3D representation of the finished bevel or groove is shown on the screen, allowing the user to view its position. Placement can be automatic or modifications can be made.

Three groove widths are offered for improved fit. Kappa uses advanced grooving design and computer control to precisely locate grooves on very thin lenses. In addition, operators can probe the contour of the eye wire groove. The probe records the profile of the eye wire groove and the Kappa automatically adjusts the lens size. Measuring eye wire grooves eliminates the practice of edging lenses over-sized and re-edging them to fit.

The Kappa CTD is a revolution in edging technology.
The fully automatic focimeter/lensmeter/blocker traces the most shallow & highly curved frames currently on the market.
The unit recognises the lens type, and considers dispensing information to rotate the blocking button & block the lens automatically.
The internal camera will even take a photograph of your rimless dummy lens so that the holes and slots can be copied exactly.
The tracer holds 200 lens shapes and an additional 200 hole manufacturers coordinates.
The edger internally incorporates grooving, chamfering, drilling and slotting in one compact component.

Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD Patternless Edger

Good Condition
• W/ Drill And CT Tracer/Blocker
• Allows for literally push button operation
• Can accommodate a multitude of shapes
• Drilling patterns
• And notches with its built-in drill
• The drill assembly can drill holes
• Straight and angled notches
• These holes and notches can be in any direction
• Vertical, horizontal, or angled oblongs
• The drill feed, speed and rotation is optimized
• but can be modified if desired
• Up to 10 combination per lens are allowed
• With drilling diameter down to 0.8mm

Main features:
• -True 3D patternless edging
• -Ultra-High precision frame tracing and blocking
• with built in auto lensometer
• -Integrated lens grooving or drilling
• -Cuts down to 14.5mm depth
• -Color LCD viewing screens
• -Memory capacity of 200 shapes per unit
• -Stand alone and network
• (you can link up to 15 edgers and 5 tracers)
• -Automatic centering
• -Shape modification of the lens, groove, and drill
• -Automatic lens blocking
• -Recognition of drill holes
• with the auto lensometer and camera system
• -Memorization of drill hole co-ordinates

3 Functions:
-Grooving & Chamfering
-Fully Automated Lens Blocking

Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD

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