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Roland DWX-4W Dental Milling Unit

Original price was: $9,800.00.Current price is: $7,300.00.

The DWX-4W goes beyond dry milling and is the epitome of wet grinding technology. It uses 4-axis simultaneous movements to wet grind precision inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and short-span bridges from glass ceramic and composite resins.


Reliable High Performance

In addition to milling on X, Y and Z axes, the DWX-4W rotates pin-type blocks 360 degrees on a fourth axis (A axis) to support undercuts. The ball screw-driven 4-axis control allows for smooth, high-precision machining. The DWX-4W’s high-performance 60,000-RPM Jaeger spindle is known for its reliability and supports precision milling of glass ceramics and composite resin. With its multi-pin clamp, the DWX-4W is a wet dental milling machine that can mill up to three different pin-type materials continuously in one operation. As a result, prosthetics for up to three different patients can be produced in a single production run, saving time, labour and costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simultaneous 4-axis machining
  • 4-state Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
  • 60,000 RPM Jaeger DentaDrive Spindle
  • CAM software bundled
  • Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel)
  • Fully-integrated water and coolant filtration system
  • Coolant leakage & flow monitoring sensors
  • Tool life monitoring
  • Mail notification system


• Maximum Convenience
• Virtual Machine Panel
• Progress and Error Alerts for Error-Free Milling
• Coolant Compartment and Water Filtration
• Clean Cutting Area for Precision Milling
• Economical Open Architecture
• CAM Software Included
• Growth Potential
• Peace of Mind

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