Manix ZX-4W Dental CAD-CAM 4-Axis Milling Machine


4-axes dry and wet Milling Machine
Machinable material Zirconia. PMMA, Wax, Hybrid Resin, glass ceramics.
Drives Precision ball screw, Dove tail guide
Driving motor Feed 6,000 mm/min
Spindle 30,000 RPM, High-frequency 400W


Travel range (X*Y*Z,A)    X,Y,Z: 150x100x120mm, A:±360°
Spindle    30,000 RPM, High frequency 400W
Required compressed air pressure    Minimum 5 bar
Standard and optional package componts    Coolant tank, jig, PC with CAM software
Power    Single phase 110V and 220V version.
Dimensions(width*length*height)    400x400x520mm
Machine weight    Approx. 40kg

Hyperdent compact CAM software included.
Wet-type cutting with dry-type option.
It cuts Glass-Ceramics (like Emax), Zirconia, PMMA and Wax.

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