SIRONA Cerec BlueCam + Cerec MCXL


SIRONA Cerec BlueCam Cerec MCXL Package


Sirona’s Bluecam camera features proven reliability, rapid single image acquisition, shake free images and an outstanding depth-of-field. The 4-motor MC XL Practice Lab builds upon the capabilities of a 2-motor mill by also allowing custom abutments, multi-layer design, milled models, long-span bridges, and full quadrant restorations.

Accessories: Bluecam/MC XL Calibration Kits, Hoft & Wessel wireless radios, 4 burs, 2 block screws, bur/block wrench, 37 CEREC Blocs, partial bottle of Dentatec milling oil, 2 Powder Pros, 4.4/4.3/4.0 SW CDs, misc maintenance CDs, and hospital grade power cords for all.

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